Full Time: 

Each year twelve to fourteen Tour-Teams are sent out nationally to all nine Provinces in South Africa and some neighbouring counties of South Africa, such as Namibia and Lesotho, from the main Creare Training Centre in Bloemfontein. These teams generally have four to five members who teach and give outreaches at schools and other educational institutions. They also reach out to the general public on the street, at orphanages, prisons and old age homes. They also minister and serve in local churches. There are currently two types of Tour-Teams that Creare Training Centre sends out each year: Annual Tour Teams and Permanent or Circle-Route Tour Teams. 

Annual Tours:

These teams are normally sent out from July to September each year, spending one to two weeks at different towns. Approximately 96 towns in South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho are visited each year by these teams. These teams operate a very busy schedule that is discussed and organized at each town with hosting schools and churches for maximum impact in one or two weeks. 

Permanent or Circle-Route Tours:

These tours have teams that visit towns regularly on a weekly or fortnightly basis. They are able to give students more regular and constant training and are also able to visit schools, old age homes, orphanages and prisons more regularly. They do this with the intention to make a larger impact over time rather than just in one or two concentrated weeks in that place. 

Gauteng, Mpumalanga & Free State Tour Teams

If you would like to have a Tour Team visit you in your town please contact us.