Gain the skills you have always desired, through a disciplined and concentrated one year Academy programme, while receiving the necessary Lifestyle Training for a prosperous future in your field. Full-Time programme

Gain competent skills for life as a dancer, or basic skills for recreation, suiting your schedule as a student in a Part-Time studies

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Why Multimedia?


God’s desire is for the nations to become intimate with Him—to be truly born of His heart. Multi-media has such multiple and effective possibility to convey His message to millions at a time and bring about the unimaginable:
“Can a country be born in a day?....Can a nation be born in a moment?" (Is 66:8)

Technology has developed to such an extent that this scripture is on the fringe of being fulfilled! We need to harness this ability and see nations impacted! Within us dwells a God of communication who speaks with light and transforms dark places. It’s time to let HIS light shine!